Look at the available projects and decide which one you want for the event.  Projects are designed to take approximately  hour.  Plan for two hours which includes 1/2 hour each for set-up and clean-up.

Schedule the date and time by contacting Heidi at or 207-653-6502. In order to ensure that the desired date and time, as well as the supplies for the project, are available, a 3-4 week lead time is preferable.

Sign and return the Event Agreement along with the 50% nonrefundable deposit within 3-5 days of scheduling so that the date/time remains yours.

At least 2 weeks prior to the event confirm the final number of participants   For personalized projects, such as the decorated letters, provide the required details at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  For example, the Decorative Monograms will require the letter to be decorated by each participant.


On the day of the event, Client will provide the following:


  • Tables/chairs or suitable work surface for the number of participants attending

  • An electrical outlet for glue guns (if applicable).  Please note:  glue guns are low temp but will be used only by an adult.

  • A space to set up a 6 ft. table (supplied by Creative Adventures for Kids, LLC)